The Lower Lights BBS In its heyday, under the management of LightKeeper, Lower Lights was the largest chat-oriented dial BBS in Utah. Due to a severe system crash and declining popularity, Lower Lights went offline shortly after its ten year anniversary, and the owner decided not to bring it back.

Now Lower Lights is back, and is entirely web-based using open source software. Unfortunately, the data for the rebuilt system was lost, and the forum was rebuilt on 2021-06-06 with no users.

We have an active forum system. This is where all of the user activity resides. You must register if you want to participate. Registered users can post messages, participate in more forums, and send private messages to other users. Unregistered users can only view the announcements forum. Registration requires a real email address, which will only be visible to others if you choose to disclose it.

For a semi-detailed history, click here.

Spread the word! We're back - you can reconnect with your modemer friends!

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